2018 - My Personal Story and Review, Part 1

When you sit down and properly review a year it always amazes me how much has happened.  You look back through the diary and remember certain days, certain people and experiences you had forgotten.  

You take a step back and look at things you've done, new habits you have, “things” you have, many of which you now take for granted...and then you realise you didn't always have them.  

This article was getting too long so I've split it into 2 parts: the first is about looking at things I have done.  

For someone like me who is pretty demanding on myself and spends a lot of time focusing on things I haven't done (“I haven't done enough”, “I should be further ahead”, “that's OK but it's not good enough”), it's actually quite overwhelming and dare I say it: a bit emotional to look at what you have done again.

Here's a few I picked out, in no particular order:

  • Surfing: able to stand up most times and caught a couple of really amazing waves. (Haven't been able to surf since May - more of which in Part 2 - so a great memory)

  • Been to 2 amazing restaurants - one of my goals was 2 from a specific list of 10

  • Added in a minimum of a 20 min walk or run with Buster the dog every morning first thing. That's a minimum of ~120 hours of additional exercise I wasn't doing the year before.

  • Reached my lowest weight for about 12 years at several points over the year (like many of us I'm not very happy with my physique currently so it now doesn't feel so far away!)

  • Started practicing a new form of training - Gymnastic Strength Training.  Felt the most flexible and mobile I can remember, which definitely helped the surfing

  • Taught both my daughters the first steps in body-boarding in Cornwall...in November!  (Only came about because I couldn't surf!)

  • The whole family has some form of green drink or smoothie every day - I would say we get this done 9/10 days

  • Had a massage most weeks.  Historically I've de-prioritsed this (and therefore myself), but I have a recurring appointment now so it just happens

  • Hit our target for saving and investing.  Again, have a system set up so it all happens automatically

  • Anna and I have “date-nights” at least fortnightly, plus have been away for a couple of nights without the children

  • As a family we eat way more fish and seafood: usually at least 4 times per week

I picked these particular things to share as they were easily overlooked: some I had completely forgotten plus some are now just “the norm”: habits or systems that just happen automatically.

As you can see, there's quite a few, which was a nice little ego-massage!

The reason for this is not to gloat (you'll see in Part 2 the year was far from plain sailing!) but to show that if you look for it, there's a hefty dose of self-confidence to be found.

If you've achieved all these things it's great evidence to show that you can be successful with the next thing, and the next thing...

Confidence doesn't necessarily need to be task-specific - I believe it's transferable between all areas of life.

If you've overcome challenges in one area, you can apply that to another.

We can take that motivation from looking at what we have achieved and use that to create momentum for the next step, the next challenge, the next year.

So I have a couple of questions for you…

  1. What have you achieved this year?  With particular focus on the things you've forgotten about or already take for granted

  1. How can you use that confidence and momentum for your next goals and challenges?

Watch out over the next few days for part 2 and things that haven't gone quite so well…


P.S.  Finally, looking at what we either have, or would like to achieve with our health and fitness has the added benefit of automatically having a positive impact on everything else we do

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