How It Works

Application Form

This allows us to gather your details and gives you a chance to inform us of the online  tracking package that will suit you best.

Online Goal Setting Questionnaire

Upon signing up you will be sent an initial goal setting questionnaire, this is to help us  get a better understanding of your goals and set a basis for the skype/phone call

Online Nutrition and Lifestyle Questionnaire

Find out your overall “Health Score” using our proprietary assessment and set a  baseline from which we measure progress from. As well as the basics, this looks at  often-overlooked areas of lifestyle such as stress, sleep and energy.

Skype/Phone Consultation

A chance to get into the "nitty-gritty" of where you are now and where you want to be. Together we begin to form an action plan and decide on the first steps

On-going Support from your assigned MOTUS Team Member

You will work with your own personal coach throughout the process who will be there  to motivate, inspire and support whilst providing accountability objectivity and of  course their expertise.

A Skype/phone review

A diarised appointment to "check-in" with your coach to discuss progress and agree on next steps

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