Nutrition and Lifestyle

DP / 13 December 2013

The most important step in effective nutrition and lifestyle coaching is to develop rapport and trust. In affecting real transformation we have to ask some personal questions that help us to identify stress triggers and motivations so we can challenge the habits and behaviours that have become an unhelpful norm.

Most nutrition and lifestyle advice is just information; at Motus we distinguish ourselves by working on the details of how to apply that consistently to each person's life and supporting those changes so they become habits. From our experience a desirable lifestyle is always underpinned by a healthy, balanced and enjoyable diet. For most people, the battle with maintaining a healthy, balanced diet stems from external factors such as work and home life, poor sleep, a lack of pre-planning, from trying to overcomplicate or through confusion fuelled by the mixed messages in the media. However, most people do understand the basics of what a healthy diet looks like; our role is to reinforce the fundamentals, so we can then begin to focus on the wider challenges.

Our step-by-step process means that your lifestyle changes can have benefits far beyond your weight and body shape, whether it's realising your true potential in business or at work, rekindling the spark of your relationship or rediscovering self esteem and confidence. Whatever the area of life you want to transform, one thing remains the same and that is the need for honesty, trust and integrity.

With focused transformation goals in place, we can agree a structured plan of meaningful and easy to implement actions to set you on the path to improved behaviours, priorities and habits.

Like personal training we are not here to preach but to provide a level of honest accountability, that promotes self reflection and the positive mindset required to achieve weight loss, a change in body shape, improved energy levels, higher sex drive, reduced stress and better sleep.” - (Darren Putt, Business Owner)


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