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At Motus Training we separate the myths from the facts and develop personalized fat-loss strategies that work in the real world for real people

Many myths surround fat loss and every week a new miracle exercise, training programme, supplement or diet arrives.  At Motus Training, we separate the myths from the facts and develop personalized fat-loss strategies that work in the real world for real people.  Whilst some of our expertise comes from scientific principles, many of our methods are drawn from our vast clinical experience of delivering weight-loss results to our clients.

This experience has led us to create our fat-loss fundamentals which we share with you below.  These are a few basic principles to get you started:

1 - Establish your goals. Distinguish between weight-loss, fat-loss and body shape and the 'look' you would like to achieve.

2 - You can't 'out-train' a bad diet. Nutrition is key to achieving the results you want. Training and appropriate supplementation accelerate and help fine-tune results, but your nutrition must be right. Also those people who can 'eat what they want but never put on weight' are often keeping secrets and secondly may be storing up problems you can see in later life.

3 - It is not as simple as 'calories in' versus 'calories out'.  For some people, portion control and lack of physical activity are issues, but there are many where this is not the problem. Here, the issue is usually hormonal balance.  To help determine this, we use the revolutionary BioSignature Modulation assessment system. To find out more about this system, click here.

4 - Resistance Training beats Cardio.  If you are going to exercise, you may as well get as much out of it as possible. A well-designed resistance training programme will leave your metabolism elevated for 36-48 hours after each session. Even the effects of the most vigorous cardio workouts will only last 6-8 hours. 

5 - Focus on Nourishment rather than Restriction.  Get healthy first then you will lose weight and get lean.

6 - Cheat!  Planned indulgence (when done the right way) can actually help speed up results

7 - Supplements work.  If you are trying to lose weight and body fat, you should be taking fish oils and a multivitamin at the very least. There are other supplements that will help you, but they will vary person to person.  To find out what supplements work for you, please click here

Motus Training specializes in Personal Training for weight loss and fat loss.  We operate primarily from our bespoke training studio situated on the picturesque Alscot Estate, near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.  We also provide home visits upon request throughout Warwickshire, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds

Call 01789 450 141 to book a consultation and find out the best weight-loss strategy for you.

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