Why health and fitness is like Jenga

AJ / 29 October 2019

Health and fitness is like a giant game of Jenga. In Jenga you have to pull blocks out one by one and hope the tower doesn't fall over, sometimes you get lucky and other times the tower comes crashing down. It's the same with our health, we might ‘pull out a habit' that negatively impacts the stability of our health and wellbeing. We have lots of little habits (blocks) that we've built up over time that contribute to our overall health. If we fail to maintain these habits, issues can arise and progress can stall. 

I was recently speaking to a client and when they mentioned that everything had “gone off track” and that they'd “starting snacking more and generally eating like crap”. I asked “What's changed, everything was great a couple of weeks ago”, and after a little bit of back and forth they came to the conclusion that it was since they'd started going to bed a couple of hours later for one reason or another. Like this person, if you suddenly go from getting 8 hours of sleep per night to getting 6/7 hours then this will have a substantial difference on your health - your tower will come crashing down. You've pulled out the wrong block. Habits such as sleep duration and quality are what we would consider a main pillar of health, if your sleep suffers usually everything around it will crumble. After a poor nights sleep you may notice you snack more and are less motivated to exercise than usual - if this happens consistently it can start to have a profound impact. 

We may suddenly stop/change habits for various reasons, without realising. With some we may not notice too much of a difference - our tower will just become wobbly - and with others it can have a large impact on your overall health and wellbeing. It's important that you take time to look back and reflect and realise what habits are key to you. Once you have this information you can take action and ensure that these habits don't slip out of your control. 

As an approach we like to suggest the ‘Never Miss Twice' rule. If you miss a planned workout one day, make sure you do it the next. If you go to bed later than planned one day, make sure you get in bed on time the next day. If you went out for a three-course meal one day, make sure you follow it with a day of health eating.  With your habits it can become easy to fall out of them without realising, by setting yourself this rule it makes it easier to get back on track quickly, and reduce the risk of ‘your tower' crumbling down. If you are finding that you keep slipping off track and are not too sure why, then get in touch and we'd be happy to help you discover why this may be and help you put a bespoke plan in place. 

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