Train where it suits you

Motus exists to help people realise their transformation goals and while this sounds like a bold statement, our intention is to make long lasting changes simple to understand and easy to implement in your day to day lives.

Train at Home

We know that for some people, daily life and extenuating circumstances mean that it can be more convenient to exercise in your own home, but still with the guidance and support of a personal trainer. In these instances we can turn your home into your own private personal training studio. You will be amazed what we can do with a small selection of equipment and a little bit of space.

Train at the studio

Or you can come to us

Motus' private studio is located in peaceful Warwickshire countryside just a few minutes from Stratford-upon-Avon. Here you will find our fully equipped personal training studio (with showers, changing rooms and toiletries provided) consulting room, and a relaxing and luxurious therapy and treatment room.

Our specially designed personal training studio is equipped with everything you need for an effective exercise session plus plenty of space and privacy. We understand that for many, gyms can be intimidating place and ironically this can mean they are often not conducive to a good exercise session. Training at our private studio is a totally different experience. Arrive a few minutes early and enjoy a complimentary pre-workout coffee and afterwards refuel with a relaxing post workout shake. All sessions are fully supervised by one of our expert coaches with a maximum of one other session taking place at the same time as yours. This means an enjoyable, effective and well planned session can fit seamlessly into your already busy day.

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