5 ways to stay on track

DP / 17 April 2019

Hi all,

In my last email we talked about how your plans to make healthier choices can get side-tracked by peer pressure or not wanting to look like a “health freak”

We've also probably all been guilty at some point of using our situation as an excuse

“It's been difficult: this has happened, then there was a birthday party, then we were on holiday, then I was in meetings for 3 days straight...etc. etc.


“We were doing x, y, z/we were with x, y, z so I wasn't in control of my food / I didn't want to appear rude”

It's easy - particularly if we're busy, stressed or tired, to decide it's all too hard

But there are a few simple things we can do to make this less of a problem, less of the time

The most effective solution is to genuinely not give a !ӣ* about what other people think...but that's easier said than done!

Here are 5 of the things we, and/or our clients do:

              1) Eat before attending events where you know the food choices won't be what you would                 normally eat - pretty much anything involving a buffet!

That way, even if you eat anything at all you wont eat much because you'll be full already

(We also do this with the kids before parties too but obviously don't tell them!)

2) When travelling for business or pleasure I carry some supplies with me, just in case

the food on offer isn't what I want to eat, so I can either abstain, or just take a small portion

I combined these two things just last night before going to a networking event.

When the food was offered I and I declined I also added that I'd get in trouble if I then went home and didn't want my dinner!

This is one of my current favourite meal replacements that you can just mix with water and will tide you over until you can get some real food

3) If you're going to a restaurant tell people when you sit down that you are working on your health; what you're doing and how you're eating and therefore how you'll be ordering, e.g. I won't be having a dessert

Say you don't want or expect them to order any differently, but you appreciate their support.  Often the response will be “you know what, I'm watching my weight too so I'll do the same” and they'll secretly be pleased!

4) If it's a dinner party, speak to the host well in advance and let them know what you are doing.  Say you don't want them to go to any extra trouble and you would be happy to bring something along as you know how much work goes in

Don't be uncomfortable about asking: if you were hosting I'm sure you would want to provide food that people are happy to eat.  If you were a vegetarian you would let people know in advance rather than sit there and force down meat wouldn't you?

This is exactly the same - a lifestyle choice - and people should respect it in the same way

5) A more obvious one: drive so you can't drink!

Try them out and let us know how you get on!


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