Who We Are

Motus Training are a friendly and approachable team of health, fitness and nutrition coaching experts.

Led by owner Darren Putt we certainly don't fit the mould of your stereotypical 'personal trainers' or 'nutritionists': you won't find us intimidating people, preaching or recommending the latest diet fad or fitness gimmick.
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Whilst many in our industry are passionate about exercise and fitness in itself and have the time and will-power to exercise 3 times a day and bounce around like Tigger the Tiger, we understand that that can be alienating as it's too far removed for anyone who currently feels tired, stressed, sluggish, unfit or uncomfortable in their own body. We know because we've been there too. For the clients we work with its also unrealistic, they have many draws on their time and energy, so any time they do devote to their health, fitness and well-being must be invested optimally and wisely.

What we are passionate about is helping our clients experience the feelings you get from improving your lifestyle; feeling healthy, fit, energetic, toned and confident in yourself.

Many of our clients are business owners or hold senior positions in large organisations and we work with them on their specific goals which often include: weight loss, changing body shape, general health, well-being, work-life balance, building fitness, improving energy levels, reducing/managing stress, improving mental focus, building confidence and self-esteem, All of which together allow them to better enjoy their lifestyles and hobbies and improve their performance in work, life and sport.

So if you are interested in feeling this way, through sustainable, long-term changes to your health and lifestyle, and would like some help getting there, then we would love to work with you.

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What We Do

We work with our clients to create comprehensive, bespoke - but easy to follow - exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plans.

There is so much conflicting information around about every aspect of exercise, nutrition and health that it's hard to know where to start.  Work with us and you don't have to worry about any of that any more.  Think of us as a kind of health and fitness concierge service; we'll do the detective work for you, and whatever your need we'll have it covered.

Also it's not always as straightforward as "calories in versus calories out"; what makes up those calories is just as important. Or "move more eat less".  There is so much more to your health and fitness; whether you are trying to lose weight or just feel better.  We will consider the influence of things like stress, environmental pollutants, existing health conditions, food intolerances and hormonal imbalances - we'll leave no stone un-turned in helping you achieve your goals.
We will start by sitting down and establishing exactly what it is you would like to achieve, and together we will make a realistic plan for how to go about doing that.  If you are looking for a quick fix or a 6 week blast before a holiday, then we're probably not for you.  But if you are determined to find out the truth about what really works, what really works for YOU and are ready to commit to a long-term programme, then we could be just what you have been looking for.

You will see in time that this can be done through a well-designed programme and consistency, and you will still able to enjoy your lifestyle without feeling constricted. Get in touch

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How We Do It

Tailored Programmes

Our programmes are tailored to you. Whilst all of us will benefit from a combination of exercise sessions, dietary changes, supplements and lifestyle modifications, for long-term success these must vary according to your current lifestyle, existing or past health conditions, your goals, how much time and money you choose to commit and the speed at which you would like results.

Founded in Science, Applied to Real People

Everything we do is founded in science but we combine this with considerable experience of applying our methods to real life, with real people rather than just relying on evidence from laboratories and gathered from athletes. It is not realistic or effective to simply take a training programme or nutrition plan designed for a full-time athlete or from a magazine and expect it to work for you.


Changing your lifestyle can be hard. Exercise can be hard and we don't all enjoy it. We will be there to encourage you when it's tough, praise you when you have done well and remind you how far you have come on your journey.

How many of us have started an exercise plan or a diet only for it only to lapse after a few days or weeks? Pretty much all of us. Working with us will make sure that doesn't happen this time.


Most of us know 80% of what we need to do to improve our health and fitness (we certainly know many of the things we shouldn't do!), yet we don't do it. Or we start, then slip up and stop all together. We will make sure you are equipped to make the best decisions and make you accountable for them through regular monitoring. One of the tools we use for this is called the BioSignature Assessment which looks at the impact hormones have on your health and body shape. We find this greatly increases the chance of success and helps maintain progress.


Whilst you will work closely with your appointed trainer/coach at Motus Training, you benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of a whole team.  Much of the health and fitness industry is represented by people for whom it is a secondary income or a part-time hobby.  For us this is our chosen full-time profession and we treat it as such.
In addition to the trainers and coaches, we also work closely with carefully selected partners in various medical and health related disciplines, whose expertise can be called upon if necessary. 


Finally we aim to deliver everything we do in a professional manner. We will be reliable, punctual, return phone calls and emails promptly and do all we can to make it easy for you to work with us.

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