An exercise formula

DP / 29 June 2015

Hi all,


People often think of exercise as only the type that you plan to do: going to the gym, an exercise class or playing competitive sport.


If you are looking to lose weight, get fit or just generally be a bit healthier it's useful to look at all forms of physical activity for a more rounded approach:


For simplicity we split them up into 3 categories:

  1. Structured and Planned

            e.g. gym, exercise class, sport training.

            These activities are usually with a clear purpose in mind - as we offer at Motus Training.  

To see good results this really needs to be done 2 or more times per week


2.            General activity

            It's easy for life to be largely sedentary compared to years ago we were all much more

active, particularly at work.  It means we now have to look for opportunities to be more active: take the stairs, get off a stop early, walk or cycle where possible, gardening, housework, lifting and carrying (yes, shopping!), parking at the far side of the car park or even walking to the pub!  Whatever it is for you if you can build in more general activity it really will stack up over time and you'll see and feel the benefits; 10 mins a day is over an hour per week - more than most “planned” exercise sessions


3.            For enjoyment

            I firmly believe if there is a sport or an activity you enjoy, you should include it as part your

overall program; if it's dancing, swimming, golf, Zumba classes, yoga, tennis cycling or

walking try and include it at least once a week.  It doesn't need to be competitive or results

driven, it can be done purely for fun or as a social.  We find clients respond best if

something in this category is included at least once per week.


If you can look at your week and you're ticking these three boxes, then I can confidently say you have a balanced, sustainable program in place and you're doing a good job building your fitness and looking after your health


Kind regards,


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