Avoiding Sensationalist Rubbish

DP / 17 April 2019

Subject: Avoiding Sensationalist Rubbish

Other bit Congratulations to Ollie

Hi all,

The world of health and fitness can be a bit of a weird place

There's always a new fad or some new report that says “don't eat this” or “this is the greatest new superfood”

“A Fitness Revolution”: some amazing new exercise programme that's going to change our lives and deliver benefits never seen before

That's why we are very particular about the education we invest in at Motus and steer clear of all this sensationalist rubbish

We make sure that:

a) it's information from a reputable source,

b) it's something we can actually apply with real people (like ourselves, and like you) on a day to day basis,

c) it will stand the test of time

So today I would like to congratulate Ollie on completing a Nutrition and Lifestyle Course called Precision Nutrition

This won't mean anything to anyone outside of the health and fitness industry, but I can assure you it's held in high regard both in terms of the information included and how much of it is about  actionable strategies we can use with clients

Ollie has worked really hard on this and managed to do it in 3 months - I think the average is around 6 so that's pretty quick!

Well done Ollie!



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