Bakery for Breakfast and McDonalds for Lunch and still get results

DP / 19 April 2019

Hi all,

I was having a review session with a client a few days ago

We had just done his BioSignature Assessment and he was pleasantly surprised by the results- they were better than he expected

Me: “You seem surprised?”

Mr P (not me, another one!): “Yes, I've been away a lot with work in Germany. Usually I can manage my nutrition pretty well out there - I can pick what I want from the buffet at breakfast and the office has a good canteen but there was this one day I was picked up really early so I couldn't get my usual breakfast. We stopped at a bakery as it was the only place open so there wasn't anything healthy, but I was hungry so I just went with it.

Then at lunchtime we were in the car again and they stopped at McDonalds!  I thought ‘this is not going well'...so yeah I am surprised!”

When something like this happens it's so easy to think you've ruined things and go off the rails, start sabotaging yourself

The reality is it DOES NOT MATTER

IF its an exception

IF its unusual

It goes without saying that if you eat that way regularly then your results won't be good

But like me you're probably not a professional athlete

So sometimes stuff happens

Next time it does before berating yourself (or maybe just after), have a think about all the other times when you have made good choices

Focus on that and get right back into your usual routine


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