Battling a Mountain

DP / 17 April 2019


We're away on our first family skiing holiday at the moment

I've only been skiing twice before - and not for 8 years, so it's fair to say I'm a beginner again

Anna's quite an experienced skiier so I wanted to make sure I wasn't holding her up too much, or more generally embarrassing myself on the slopes

So I booked a private lesson yesterday morning; our first “real” day after using Sunday to orientate ourselves

It was a beautiful sunny day; not to cold and there had been fresh snow overnight

You couldn't really ask for much more

I would love to say Nathan, our instructor, took one look at my skiing and said “no, you're good - just keep on doing what you're doing, you don't need me”...

Of course that wasn't the case

What he did say surprised me a little

Rather than focus on technique he spent more time telling me to focus on relaxing, letting go of tension and being smooth, effective and economical with my efforts

“Work with the mountain - you don't need to battle it”

My approach with most things both in sport or life has always been to use brute force, work harder, faster, push more and turn everything into a battle

I'm sure it has served me well in some instances, but I'm sure it's caused me pain in many others

There are some battles you are just not going to win

And there are some where it just doesn't need to be that way

In our line of work we see people who are constantly having a battle with their body: either by going to war with it by repeated dieting - which we know almost always ends in failure

Or just taking the approach that “more, more, more” on the exercise front will get them to where they want to be

If you're like the vast majority of us, this only works for so long - if at all

And constant battling gets really tiring after a while

We show our clients how to win the battle

But not just through sweat and toil, but by finding a smooth and effective way of managing their lifestyle and making sure the effort is going in the right places when in comes to nutrition and exercise

If you would like to discover how to work with your body rather that battle against it, there's some ways you can do that listed below



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