Christmas and New Year Damage Limitation

DP / 4 December 2017

Christmas and New Year Damage and Limitation 2017

Every year in January people contact us for help because they feel stressed, tired and overweight after Christmas and The New Year. I'm sure this contributes to the so-called January blues.

Some people have also worked really hard to get in shape all year, December arrives, then think:

"It's December, I've got all these parties and family gatherings, it's inevitable most of my hard work is going to be undone, I may as well just give up until January"

And sadly a large part of that hard work is undone.

Or they think:

“You can't ‘have fun' and stay fit and healthy”


I'm certainly no “food fascist” - I'm all for a bit of indulgence from time to time - particularly if it involves red meat and Black Forest gateaux (not together, I should add!)...or a pork pie!

But obviously it goes without saying that if you drink Egg-nog every day throughout Advent and feast on party food the rest of the time, you will put on weight and not feel too good come January.  

However, with a bit of thought and pre-planning, you can still have fun, limit the damage, and get a head start on your health and fitness for next year.

Here's how:

  1.  Eat a Protein Based Breakfast

What you eat for breakfast has an effect on the way your body handles food for the rest of the day. Base your breakfast on protein (think eggs, grilled bacon, sausage, kippers, smoked salmon) and you are less likely to want to snack on chocolates later...or t least maybe you'll eat less!

     2. Re-think your drink (sounds like a government advert!)

Many of us have multiple social events to attend.  It's really easy for them to all blend into one!  It is OK to not drink too much at every single one - make up an excuse if you have to!  Could you drive so drinking is then out of the question?  Usual drinking tips apply: try and match alcohol with water, try and drink with or after food and keep a relatively full glass in your hand - that way you shouldn't be handed another.  You will thank yourself afterwards for any of the above.

      3. Eat Before You Go

We always try to eat a meal before we go to any event (this works for kids before kids parties too!).  If I'm hungry I can do some serious damage to a buffet!

      4. Commit to something for 2018 NOW.

Come January the gyms and exercise classes will inevitably be full, the pavements will be pounded and the pedals turned, but there will perhaps be an even greater number of people that mean to start an exercise regime or eating better and never manage to get started at all.  It's easy for good intentions to get lost in January blues and returning to a mountain of work at the office.

If that's ever happened to you - or you have made a start only for it to peter out - the best way to avoid this happening is to commit to something now.  

  • Sign up for it
  • Pay for it
  • Get it in your diary
  • Tell people what you are going to do


If you would like some help, we would be happy to oblige!

Call the studio on 01789 450 141

Or email info@motustraining.co.uk

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