Cold War: Boost your Immune System

dp / 12 October 2012

Motus Training founder, Darren Putt, has been helping people lose weight, get fit and achieve their ideal body for over 10 years.  Over that time many fitness and diet fads have been and gone whilst Darren's methods have consistently produced amazing results.  More and more clients are visiting Motus Training with a desire not only to improve their personal health and well-being, but recognising that this transfers directly into their physical and mental performance in everything they do.

In this special report, Darren shares with you 5 Tips to Boost Your Immune System for Winter.

?Lots of people complain about frequent illnesses, especially throughout the Winter months.  If this sounds familiar, the following few simple tips will help you to prevent coughs and colds, generally feel better, have more energy and be more productive.  This is a pro-active approach: putting up the re-enforcements before they are required.  Also, if you do start to feel run-down, getting a full-blown cold or flu is not a foregone conclusion!?

1)                  Eat enough Protein

The more protein you get earlier in the day, the better your immune system will function.  Some reports claim the first 30g you eat each day supports detoxification and the next 30g goes towards your immune system.  In practice, get as much as you can at breakfast time by including eggs, meat or fish then add nuts or seeds for immune-boosting vitamins and minerals such as selenium.

2)                  Get More Sleep

Stress and fatigue can leave you vulnerable.  Most of us need 8+ hours per night to stay healthy.  Whilst you sleep, your body works its magic to fight off infections, viruses and get rid of other nasty things we are exposed to during the day.

3)                  Supplement for Extra Protection

The balance of evidence tells us that a good multi-vitamin and mineral complex is a good idea.  Even if we are really diligent with our food, it is difficult to get optimum amounts of nutrients so a ?back-up? makes sense.  As daylight and sunshine become (even more) scarce, Vitamin D supplementation is also sensible.  Some reports show having optimal levels of Vitamin D gives better protection from flu than vaccines.  Zinc is well known to help with immune system but it is increasingly difficult to obtain through our usual diet. The other main supplement to consider is a pro-biotic.  Pro-biotics help your digestive system extract nutrients from foods more effectively.  The quality of the supplements you take is far more important than the quantity.  Speak to us for advice otherwise it can be money down the drain ... literally!

4)                  Don?t Reach for Sugar if you Feel Run-down

When feeling run-down, an automatic response can be to reach for sugary foods to give you a quick boost.  If you can resist this, you will be doing yourself a big favour: viruses feed off sugar so by avoiding it you might well stop yourself developing a full-blown cold and you will certainly shorten the duration of it.  If you do get a sugar craving, your body probably wants Vitamin C: many fruits (but not as juice or a smoothie), green vegetables, tomatoes and peppers are good examples.

5)                  Think Positive

Ever heard anyone say on a Monday: ?I?ve got a bit of a sore throat - I think I?ve got a cold coming.  I bet by tomorrow I?ll be coughing, Wednesday I?ll hardly be able to get out of bed!??  Thinking that way will ensure that?s exactly what happens.  Whereas others who say to themselves: ?I can?t be ill? hardly ever are?  It might not work 100% of the time but if you don?t want to be one of those people who seem to be ill all the time, don?t think like them! 

Darren and his team offer free telephone/in-person consultations to discuss your health, fitness and lifestyle needs.   Please call 01789 450 141 or email anna@motustraining.co.uk for more information

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