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Why Corporate Wellbeing?

rjd / 3 February 2015

Our bespoke corporate health and wellbeing programmes are designed to promote a happier, healthier and more productive workplace environment. Our data driven approach unlocks the true potential in people while helping businesses create a culture that attracts and retains great people.

  • Stress - 41% of people are currently stressed or very stressed in their jobs

  • Chronic Illness - 33% people in the UK have long-term health problems

  • Back Pain - 46% of women and 47% and men reported back pain in the last 12 months

  • In terms of absenteeism (days missed) and presenteeism (lost productivity caused by poor health), the accepted annual cost for a healthy employee is £8,000 vs £14,000 for an employee who is deemed unhealthy

  • Sick leave and working while unwell costs companies, on average, 7.78% of their  yearly wage bill

  • Overall sickness absence costs the economy £22bn a year - mental health and musculoskeletal problems are major factors

What if these problems didn't exist in your business? How much money would you save in sickness pay and recruiting agency employees? How much better would your employees perform? How much better would morale be? How much more successful would your business be?

“Over the last ten years it has become apparent that a “wellbeing vacuum” has been created within the U.K business community. The value placed on the health and wellbeing of employees diminished as the economy was squeezed. Today however, there has been a realisation that if you are going to be lean and mean, you have to invest in your team. We have developed a straightforward and easy to implement corporate wellbeing approach that can be tailored to the needs of your business and employees”

(Darren Putt - Founder, Motus)

The purpose of a well designed corporate wellbeing strategy is to create the energy, focus, resilience and “buzz” required to take a business and its employees to the next level, while enhancing team spirit and embedding the sense of a positive shared experience.

To be successful, workplace wellbeing activities must be comprehensive and tailored to individuals and teams to address both personal and occupational risks. Blanket solutions, short-term events or awareness campaigns do little more than pay lip-service to health and well-being and have minimal lasting impact. This is why we adopt a bespoke approach, designed to suit your employees and the culture of your business, thus ensuring a return on your investment.

In addition to improving individual and team productivity and performance, a successful corporate wellbeing programme has the ability to counteract absenteeism, improve employee retention and help attract the right people. It is an ideal long-term strategy to protect your most valuable assets from the effects of stress and the ever-increasing demands of modern business. An effective programme and a positive work culture will allow your employees to thrive as the business grows, support them through change and give them the knowledge and skills to grow with it.

“We offer a new generation of independent and practical wellbeing programmes that go far beyond paying lip service to simple health and safety guidelines and truly support and impact your employees and business in a positive and sustainable way.”

(Darren Putt - Founder, Motus)

The Motus Wellbeing Programme begins with a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle evaluation using a health and body composition assessment technique known as BioSignature Modulation. From each individual's profile our team then develop a personalised action plan that is time-efficient and highly effective. Our article ‘What is BioSignature Modulation' explains the science and the process which includes coaching on nutrition, physical training and recommendations for nutritional supplements.

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