Did it happen? Yes or No?

DP / 1 May 2019
I've been in court this week

Just to clarify, it's for jury service - they haven't caught up with me about the other things yet!

It's been an interesting experience in many ways, but something I've noticed is how difficult it can be sometimes to give a yes/no answer

Automatically people go off on tangents


Telling stories about what might or might not have happened and why

Trying to justify things

Ever noticed how we do this all the time when it comes to our health and lifestyle too?

Just this morning I had planned to do my stretches...didn't happen

“The website wouldn't work”
“I was pushed for time”
“I wanted to get some emails done”

I didn't do it 

I stretch to improve my flexibility (which then in turn will help prevent injuries)
But in a few weeks if I assess my flexibility and it hasn't improved as much as I would like, all that matters is how much stretching I did - my list of justifications won't matter

If I get injured and in any way it could be attributed to limited flexibility - my list of justifications won't matter

Of course, sometimes it can be useful to understand why it happened (or not) so we can remove any barriers

But in court, we were trying to reach a verdict - an outcome

With our health, we are trying to reach an outcome

This is why it's really important to have some form of accountability where the answer is a simple “yes” or “no”
Simple and honest

That will help us find our personal formula for success that we can apply whenever we want



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