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dp / 5 June 2012

Motus Training provides specialist one-to-one lifestyle, nutrition and exercise advice tailored to the needs of senior executives and business owners. 

In an increasingly competitive commercial world, those businesses that invest in improving the health and well-being of its leadership see a consistently higher performance and a more productive team.  The potential financial benefits could come either through cost savings or additional revenue generation.

By following the individually tailored Motus programmes, our clients have enjoyed the following benefits:

·         Increased energy levels and productivity

·         Improved long-term health prospects      

·         Ability to concentrate for longer

·         Reduced stress

·         Increased self-confidence

The Motus Programme begins with a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle evaluation using a health and body composition assessment technique known as BioSignature Modulation.  From each individual's profile, our team then develops a personalised action plan that is time efficient and highly effective.  The programme covers nutrition, physical training, lifestyle modifications and any recommendations for nutritional supplements.

Our service can be delivered at your place of work to minimise time away from the office.

For further information, please email darren@motustraining.co.uk

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