How many avocados were killed in the making of that?

DP / 6 May 2019

Hi all,

After a bit of a hiatus I've been doing a food diary again

It's something invariably we ask clients to do at some point

I don't do it all of the time myself, just when I can see things have slipped a little and I want to apply a bit more focus - I use an app you've probably heard of called “myfitnesspal”

Anyway, I was in a cafe this week and ordered a dish containing “smashed avocado” (which is a bit 2018 if you ask me)

It was huge!

The plate was covered in green sludge - I wish I'd taken a photo

I couldn't help but ask the waitress: “how many avocados were killed in the making of that?”

She came back and said: “We make it in bulk so we think about a half”

Now, there is no way that was just half an avocado - more like 2 I would say

But this isn't about whether it's good or bad to eat 2 avocados

It's about how easy it is to underestimate how much we eat

And the other thing is how many little snacks are easily forgotten

Doing a food diary, whether using an app, a spreadsheet, taking pictures, or an old-fashioned pen and paper immediately shines a light on all of this 

You don't need to go to the extremes of weighing things either, (but it is a good idea to find an easy way of estimating so your estimates are as consistent as possible)

Its a simple but highly effective tool to improve your nutrition



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