How to get back on track post-holiday

AJ / 19 August 2019

Holidays are great as they give us some much needed time to relax and unwind from our usual everyday stressors. However, most of the time when we come back from holiday (especially if it's a longer one) it can take some time to get back to your pre-holiday routine. On holiday you were probably going to bed later, getting up later, having different foods - in escence your whole routine would've shifted slightly. So it's no wonder when we get back we suddenly wonder things such as “how did I used to get up this early” or “why am I craving different foods”.

But don't worry those habits you had before are still there, it just requires a little brain re-engaging. So here are some tips to help you in the ‘re-adjustment period'. 

  1. Keep a food diary - this helps you to see what you're actually consuming, as following holidays it's easy to slip into some old habits such as mid-afternoon biscuit hunting!

  2. Book workout slots into your diary in advance - the week post holiday is usually a busy time for people at work. So if you look at the week ahead and book your workout slots in advance you'll have an increased chance of getting quickly back into your previous exercise routine

  3. Do a food shop ASAP - most people usually get straight back from holiday and go into their normal working week without consideration of what they're going to eat. Which leads to takeaways and quick fixes. By doing a weekly shop as soon as possible after you're back it means you'll have fresh food to make some healthy meals. Also before you go shopping  plan your meals out and write a list, to reduce the chances of you grabbing any less helpful items that may be on offer

  4. Prioritise Sleep - on holiday, most people will get a lot more sleep, as we usually don't have any alarms set. When you get back it's easy to neglect the fact that you were having more sleep and just go back to your usual routine. I'd suggest as you'll be busy give yourself more rest time by going to bed earlier

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