Learning to look after yourself is a skill

OH / 2 September 2019

At Motus some our clients are coaches/trainers/nutritionist themselves - they recognise the importance of having someone else to help them with their own health and fitness journey.

Whether your a coach or not, most of us know what we should be eating, that we should be exercising and that we should be getting a good night's sleep, yet we don't.

All the information on how to improve our health and fitness is available online. In fact there's information overload!

Many of us feel like we know what we should be doing which is why we resist getting help but that's when we need it most.

Earlier this year Darren posted an email/blog explaining why he himself needs a coach more now than when he first started and knew next to nothing.

Learning to look after yourself is a skill and to develop that skill we need somebody else's help. We can't learn to play tennis by reading a book, we need a coach to help us practice just like we need a coach to help us implement new techniques and strategies into our lifestyles.

Here are some reasons why someone may need a coach:

  • We need an appointment - without an appointment the likelihood is it just won't happen, we prioritise something else

  • We don't want to make decisions - we don't want to decisions about our own exercise programmes, we make decisions all day

  • We let ourselves off the hook - it's easy to justify having not done what we said with a list of excuses: “I've been busy”, “I've been under the weather”, “this happened”, “I'll do it next week”….etc.

  • We do more of what we want and less of what we need 

  • We work harder with someone else “encouraging” us

  • We need accountability - it's much harder to say no or make excuses when someone else is holding you accountable

  • We develop better strategies for making it happen when working together

  • We need someone to see the things we can't - sometimes we miss things that are glaringly obvious that may not be facilitating the healthy lifestyle we want

  • We need to be more time efficient - getting the most out of the time and effort we put into our health.

So if you feel like your health and fitness journey is stalling or you need some help then get in touch with us, we'd be happy to help.

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