Lost your mojo?

DP / 3 March 2020

I met a gentlemen a couple of weeks ago

(Not like that!)

He'd called and asked to meet for a chat about helping him with his health and fitness

We'll call him Steve:

“So how can we help? What made you get in touch?” I asked

Steve replied: “I just feel like I've lost my mojo”

In about 15 years and hundreds of these conversations, no-one had ever put it quite like that

Me: “OK...tell me what do you mean by that exactly?” 


“Well...I feel tired all the time

I'm putting on weight

I'm eating rubbish

I'm very stiff; my knees hurt, my back hurts sometimes

I've got out of the habit of exercise

My sleep isn't great

My wife would probably tell you I'm a bit grumpy

I just feel a bit negative about things

I just haven't got much get up and go


I have to say I felt for him

But I was also IMPRESSED

Impressed because he had the self-awareness to realise he'd “lost his mojo”

And was able to explain what that meant

Impressed because he'd had the COURAGE to come and see us and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

And impressed because he knew that COMMITTING to working on his health, fitness and wellbeing

Was going to be the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE was to REGAIN his MOJO

You see, it's easy to forget that our health, fitness and lifestyle is probably THE MOST POWERFUL factor in how we feel

And it has a knock on effect in EVERY AREA of our life

  • Our ENERGY to do stuff when we get home and at weekend
  • How we are as a HUSBAND/WIFE/PARTNER
  • How we are as PARENTS
  • How we INTERACT with everyone throughout the day

It's easy to think that your “mojo” could be gone for good

CRUSHED under the stresses and strains of life

But with a little bit of courage

And the right ADVICE

And the right SUPPORT 

You CAN get it back

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