Mental Health Awareness Week

DP / 16 May 2019

Hi all,

As you may be aware, it's Mental Health Awareness week this week

We've been speaking at a number of events within businesses on the subject

The increased awareness about mental health issues that has come about over the last couple of years is fantastic and I'm sure has meant lots of people getting the support they needed

What I hope doesn't happen is that it becomes a tick box exercise:

“Right that's it, we've ‘done' mental health”

As with all health and wellbeing initiatives, they can be undermined if the culture of an organisation doesn't support it

Or that very culture is a major factor in the development of mental health issues in the first place

It happens on a smaller scale in our own households sometimes

It can be really difficult if just one member of the family wants to change their lifestyle

It's much easier if you're working together as a family, creating the right environment and culture that support a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically

I know for a company to change its culture can seem like a big job

But by doing so we will also be making a shift that will not only support people who need help now, but help prevent others getting to that point in the first place


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