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MS / 5 October 2015

In the northern hemisphere, September is the month containing the autumnal equinox. I know lots of people talk about 1 September being the start of autumn, but for me that occurs at the equinox (equal day and night) as thereafter, the nights become longer than the days heading towards winter until we arrive at the vernal equinox in March.

So, the equinoxes are when day and night are balanced. In September this is reinforced astrologically as we head into Libra, which is the zodiac sign often symbolised by a set of scales implying justice and balance. I'm a Libran, so it's also the time of year when I become excited in the run up to my birthday!

When was the last time you had a go at balancing an object? Try balancing something right now, whilst you are reading this. Maybe a coin on it's side, or an egg on it's end? Not easy is it?

So why do we think that finding balance in our lives will be easy, or come naturally? Nah, it's something we work at all the time. We notice when the balance is missing. For most of us that's about life-work balance, or fair vs unfair. It could be about balance with regard to nutrition or sleep. We humans have many balancing points as we aren't simple three dimensional objects!

One of the things I notice as a coach is how much time we also spend noticing when things aren't balanced as opposed to when they are.  At some point, we are motivated to address the particular imbalance (usually when it's causing us pain). Great example, working all the hours to provide for one's family vs spending any time with them.

Take another moment right now to notice how much of your life IS in balance and celebrate achievement. You've worked hard to get to this place.

And where you notice an imbalance, take steps to bring it back into line before you find that you are sitting on the end of the slide which has hit the floor with a bump. Maybe your first step will be to give me a call……. or not.

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