"Most of it was just common sense"

DP / 29 April 2019
Hi all,

Like with most courses we do a survey afterwards to get some feedback

Thankfully it's usually excellent

But every now and then you get something negative 

After the initial searing pain to my ego I calm down and think “that's fine, it's not for everyone”

This one puzzled me a little at first...

“Some of the content was really interesting but most was just common sense”

You could tell from score of the content that this was not intended as a compliment   

The thing is common sense is exactly what it's supposed to be

Common sense is getting rare

Telling it how it is, is getting rare

It's easy to get caught up in thinking you need new information all the time, or some special tactic that's going to magically change things overnight

Sorry, but that's just not going to happen 

If you want "voodoo tactics" then our programmes are not for you

If you want a one-off, short-term fix, then our programmes are not for you

Most of us know 80% of what we need to do with our health and fitness

What we actually need is a CLEAR PLAN, some SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY for doing the common sense things CONSISTENTLY

This is what we're good at


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