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DP / 21 May 2020

Hi all,

We had the very welcome (if somewhat unexpected) news this week that we are now able to deliver in-person, one-to-one training sessions again!

Provided they are outside and whilst maintaining social distancing wherever possible, and with various other protocols in place

It's been a whirlwind however-many-weeks-it-has-been

We're loving coaching and training our clients remotely - it's worked out even better that we hoped

And I know many of you have been enjoying it too - in fact some of you who we've discussed this with already have decided to continue with this on a permanent basis!

But I also know that some of you are itching to get back to your “normal” exercise routine!

To actually go somewhere to do your exercise

And we can't wait to see you...from 2 metres of course!

This weekend we're creating “Motus Outdoors”

This is another occasion where our location, facility and outdoor space really comes into its own

As a small, private facility, where everything is “by-appointment only” we can do this safely and effectively, whereas gyms and other larger facilities probably won't be able to operate for some time

In our car park 

✅ We have some heavy-duty rubber flooring going down

✅We have gazebos going up so we have some protection from the elements

✅ We will be able to take the majority of our equipment from the studio outside…

It's really exciting! 

This coming week it will just be me here to test everything out as you can imagine there are still measures we need to have in place

For example, the studio itself (and therefore showers, toilets etc.) have to remain closed so we will need you to please:

✅ Bring your own water 

✅ Bring your own towel please

✅Sign an informed consent form

Then the following week Ollie and Aimee will be back and we will gradually increase capacity

We will be in touch personally with full details of how it's all going to work.  

We're following all official guidelines - in fact we're going above and beyond - and if there are any other measures we can put in place to make you feel more comfortable and safe then just say the word!

Do get in touch if you would like to arrange an appointment! 

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