New Year Resolutions: Stack the Odds in your favour

dp / 21 December 2012

Motus Training founder, Darren Putt, has been helping people lose weight, get fit and achieve their ideal body for over 10 years.  Over that time, many fitness and diet fads have been and gone whilst Darren's methods have consistently produced amazing results.  More and more clients are visiting Motus Training with a desire not only to improve their personal health and well-being, but recognising that this transfers directly into their physical and mental performance in everything they do. 

In this special report, Darren shares with you tips to Stack the odds in your favour and make your New Year resolutions stick.

?Many of us set ourselves ambitious fitness, health and weight loss targets every January, only for them to de-railed soon afterwards.  This all-or-nothing, short-term approach is something that commercial gyms embrace and take advantage of but is also one of my personal frustrations that led to me establishing Motus Training.  At Motus Training, we are passionate you understand that improving your health, fitness and lifestyle is an on-going process and, by treating it in this way, we can help you maximise not only the chances of achieving what you set out to but, more importantly, maintaining it to benefit your health and well-being in the long-term.  Here are 7 tips to help make that happen ...?

1) HIRE A TRAINER - Running a Personal Training Company - of course, I would say this!  But here are some statistics:

·         80% -90% of people joining a gym in January no longer attend regularly by April

·         97% of those joining a conventional gym do not achieve their goals

·         67% use the gym less than 5 times over their annual membership.

Hire a trainer and things improve:

·         With Motus Training, over 90% of our clients are still regularly training after 6 months

·         In each session with a Personal Trainer, on average, you work 33% harder than you would on your own (we like to think it?s even more than that!!!)

Hiring a trainer means you are accountable for both your exercise and nutrition: you will get measured regularly (this has been proven to improve results) and you will be exercising safely and effectively so you are less likely to pick up an injury.  The bottom line is you are far more likely to reach your goals, reach them more quickly, keep in the habits long-term and have a positive impact on your long-term health prospects, well-being and fitness on an ongoing basis

2) KEEP A FOOD DIARY ? This sounds simple but keeping a food diary alone will help you lose weight (without making any deliberate changes) and make you more conscious of some of the reasons you may have not achieved the results you wanted in the past.

3) EAT OUT LESS - Whilst it is possible to eat out and make healthy choices, the more we cook ourselves, the more control we have over exactly what is contained in our food.

4) POSITIVE RE-ENFORCEMENT ? Always use positive re-enforcement for your motivation.  Do not put up a current photo if you do not like what you see; if you do this, it is highly likely nothing will change because you are focussing on this negative image.  Instead, either use a picture from a time when you were happy with your body shape and fitness or simply visualise how will look and feel when you have reached your targets.

5) ENTER AN EVENT - Fancy having a go a 5k?  A marathon?  3 Peaks Challenge?  Whatever it is, having an event as an additional focus alongside your body shape/composition goals will help you stay focussed and keep on track.  The change in your body shape will happen as a by-product of the fitness and strength work you do towards your chosen challenge.  Pick something fun and see if you can rope in some friends or raise some money for charity.

6) TRAIN WITH A FRIEND ? We have a number of couples or friends who train together.  They find it helps them stay on track and a bit of healthy competition can make for some lively training sessions!  

7) MAKE 'YOU' YOUR MOST IMPORTANT JOB ? Your health and fitness underpins everything you do from work to family life.  It affects your energy levels, health, motivation and ultimately how good a job you do in every role you have in life.  So in 2014, give yourself permission to dedicate time to yourself and to exercise!



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