Oh Deer

You can have food that is interesting, tasty, fun and healthy.

Had a collision with a deer recently in my car.


I've been pretty lucky that the damage to the car wasn't too bad and I was fine.  The deer was not so fortunate.


As a result my car is at the garage getting repaired, frustratingly SLOWLY.


In the meantime I have a very small and very basic courtesy car.

This is fine, other than it seems to be giving me a back problem as I don't fit in it very well!


It's actually been great fun going back to ?real driving? as my Dad would have called it.  Which means changing gears yourself, having to slow down for even the slightest corners and if you want to overtake, planning a few minutes in advance and taking a run up!


My broken car is an automatic, puts the lights on for you, puts the wipers on for you, helps you out with steering and it even controls your speed and distance to the car in front.  I thought it was supposed to brake for you in emergencies too?.


What this all got me thinking about was nutrition.  (Not venison I should add).  But how it's easy to drift along on convenience food, doing what's easiest and not engaging with it.  Doesn't sound like much fun to me.


But then on the other hand many people have a preconception that eating healthily and nutritiously is boring or dull.


I strongly believe it doesn't have to be that way.  With the right advice, a bit of thought, forward planning and experimentation you can have food that is interesting, tasty, fun and healthy and enjoy at least some aspect of it - even if it's just the eating!


Of course there are times when convenience is called for but it is possible to do both.


Do keep an eye out for deer at the moment!

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