Pregnancy Health Part 2 - nutrition

ao / 14 October 2014

What should I be eating during pregnancy?

Well if you have got this far hopefully you have already seen the midwives, doctors and other specialists but still it can be confusing and very difficult to adapt to, especially with cravings, morning sickness, loss of appetite, being sensitive to certain foods. It is important to optimise our nutrition during pregnancy and breast feeding stages to help with baby development and the health of the mother, but with all these barriers and stresses can be a very difficult time. Again it is important to manage stresses during pregnancy as it can have an effect on the baby but it also a good idea to have a structure in place to overcome such difficulties and minimise their influence. No problem or solution will ever be the same as everyone's experiences with their diets during pregnancy are very individual. Contact us to discuss your individual nutrition plan.      

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