Pregnancy Health Part 5 - losing baby weight

ao / 20 February 2015

How do I lose this baby weight?

So you are feeding eight times a day, up in the middle of the night, changing nappies, out of your routine and your body has changed. With any new born whether it's your first or your tenth it will have changed your life and there's a lot to deal with. You want to be looking and feeling how you did beforehand. First of all, relax! You're doing great! It's at this point when you're tired, and stressed out, that nutrition and exercise plays a massive role in reducing and managing these stresses. There's no magic formula for this one nor should there be a time scale to losing that baby weight, but putting in place a routine or structure that can organise the correct nutrition and exercise program will allow you to achieve your desired results a lot quicker. There are numerous barriers when having a new born but nevertheless, thinking of solutions prior to the problems will help you overcome and make it less stressful when they arrive.

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