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Corporate Wellbeing Strategy and Policy

/ 15 January 2018


A genuine wellbeing strategy is reliant upon understanding the challenges of the business and agreeing a blueprint that delivers value to the business and well-being to its people. Our team of consultants can help you shape your wellbeing strategy and create a bespoke company wellbeing policy that can be easily adopted by you and your employees and integrated into all areas of your business. This strategy will then inform the scope of the well being programmes we design.


Hiring Policy, Business Culture, Working Environment, Working Hours, Workplace Catering, Out of Business Work Expectations, Lunch Break Regimes, Flexible Working, Employee Benefits, Medical Insurance Policies, Implementation of Health and Safety, Occupational Health Incidence, Workplace Reward Habits, Internal Corporate Events, Business Image and Presentation, Corporate Wellbeing PR Strategy, Employee Well-being Incentive Programmes, Linked Business and Well-being K.P.I's, Travel Planning and Personal Consumption Surveys


If your people were at their best what would they be capable of? How would they present themselves? How would they act? What would they sound like? What would they deliver? And how would they reflect the business?

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