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/ 15 January 2018


Once a practical and implementable strategy has been agreed and a robust and deliverable policy is put in place it is time for action. Motus ‘Perform' is designed to be delivered with cohorts where there is a perceived need to improve wellbeing, boost resilience and to support and empower employees through the delivery of a particularly challenging project or period of business transformation.


Our group seminars and workshops culminate in an agreed set of individual and collective actions. These group sessions are then followed by a short but detailed one to one, during which an employee has the opportunity to talk confidentially about any sensitive issues, while we have the opportunity to apply our trusted BioSignature Modulation Assessment to give a complete picture of their well-being.


Team Culture, Working Environment, Working Hours, Lifestyle, Lunch Break Regimes, Attitude Towards Internal Corporate Events, Personal Image and Presentation, Travel Planning and Consumption Habits

If your people were at their best what would they be capable of? How would they present themselves? How would they act? What would they sound like? What would they deliver? And how would they reflect the business?


“Every programme of transformation requires total commitment from both the business and the individual. We have created a system to ensure that when an employee signs up to our programmes, that they do so with the full support of the business and their line manager so they are set up to succeed.”

(Darren Putt - Founder, Motus)

Once enrolled a participant will begin by answering a simple online questionnaire which we analyse to create a personal wellbeing profile that informs their bespoke personal wellbeing strategy.

The Motus Perform course runs over an initial 6 month period, with one group session per month followed by individual drop in clinics. Through this programme we work with the business and its individuals to understand the team culture, employee habits, project/ business K.P.I's, personal activity and lifestyle behaviours so we can affect positive and collective change.

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