Stashing your valuables

MS / 16 July 2016


 We all know where are valuables are located don't we? And when you go on holiday, you stash them somewhere safe, yes? Or grab them when the house is burning down? Because they are really important, aren't they?  In fact, you might actually run around a burning house collecting your valuables and place yourself at risk to rescue them. Don't laugh, it happens.

But what about you. If we strip away material things, what do you value? What can't you live without?

I know I can't live without open-ness, or justice, or family, and fun, to name a few. Ask yourself what behaviours you can't live without, or what REALLY matters to you, and you'll begin to elicit your own values.

Too often we are unaware of our values until they are breached. That moment when your passion is uncontrollable and quickly ignited. Why did that happen? Because someone or something breached a value.

A couple of clients have recently been struggling in their relationships with employers. After delving into their value sets and asking them to imagine what's important to their employer, it became clear that the conflict resided at that level. Their values didn't match their employers and most days were a struggle at work as a result.

Sometimes the answers about where you might best belong in life lie in the simplest areas. What really matters to you?

Some kids in Spain demonstrated this recently – yes it is an advert for Ikea – but very poignant indeed. Have a butchers.


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