Sue's story

OH / 27 August 2019

“What I love about the Motus experience is they're always focused on the long term rather than the noise and pain of a Bootcamp Blitz”

“Motus is stable, reliable, trustworthy, with a team of experts who can interchangeably support you if your key advisor is temporarily away. It's like having a team of fantastic financial advisors who all understand your unique financial situation and provide weekly input and guidance to growing your wealth.”

Sue has been a client for a number of years and like many clients, has hit a few roadblocks along the way. But through consistency and hard work Sue has achieved some fantastic results. Sue has made some great progress, working with us through her injuries and coming back stronger each time. A particularly noticeable moment in her Motus Journey was when Sue undertook a food elimination protocol with us, and discovered what certain food groups suit her. 

We love that Sue understands that investing time and energy into your health enables you to grow your wealth. We believe that a mindset shift towards understanding that your health is an investment in your wealth in the long term is a strong motivator.

Well done Sue!

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