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rjd / 3 February 2015

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to personal training. What works well for one person may not work for another and what works well for one person one day, might not work for them the next. It's all about understanding that everyone is different and that we all have our good days and bad ones.

Our bespoke, structured personal training programmes are ideal for those who are focussed on; losing weight, changing their body shape, improving fitness and strength, protecting their health or recovering from a health condition or injury.

Our approach is results oriented and suited to those who respond well to an invested and accountable partnership where results are measured, attitudes are challenged and success is shared. Our personal training programmes begin by establishing your goals, aligning with your mindset and understanding your physiology through our proprietary Nutrition and Lifestyle Evaluation, BioSignature Modulation Assessment and a Movement Screen. From these results we can create a bespoke programme of exercise tailored entirely to you. We then focus on building confidence through developing safe and correct technique, designing engaging and dynamic exercise sessions and agreeing realistic short term targets that set you on your path to transformation.

“We aren't about shouting and screaming at people, that just isn't our style. Instead we focus on creating mutually agreed goals and realising them through achievable, well planned and engaging programmes combined with real accountability. Together these enable to you become the best possible version of yourself”

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