What if your main reason not to, was in fact a big reason to do?

DP / 19 October 2017

Hi all,

Most of us at some level want to improve our health, fitness and feel confident about how we look.

In our ideal world we would be in amazing shape, rarely be ill, wake up brimming with energy every day, be ready for any physical or mental challenge and be super-confident in our swimwear!

In reality few of us get there and the majority are not even close - maybe it seems a long way away?

People often say, “I would love to be…[insert some variation of the above]...but I can't at the moment because of….”

  1. The kids.  “I don't have time because of everything I do with the children”

  2. Work.  “I work such long hours / I run my own business so I don't have the time/energy…”

  3. “I need to get my head right first”

  4. I don't have / I'm not prepared to commit the money right now”

These are 4 of the biggest blockers that tend to get in people's way to making a start.  I understand - and I know I've uttered them all myself at one stage or another!

Here's another way to look at things:


What if you're not fit enough to join in activities with them?  

What if your back hurts after just a few minutes playing on the floor?

Don't we have a responsibility to set an example to them of how to lead a healthy lifestyle?


Our businesses and careers do place huge physical and mental demands on us - don't we want to be in the best possible place to be able to cope with that?

What could you achieve in your business or career if you had more energy, more capacity and were more mentally resilient?

What would happen if you couldn't work for a health related reason?

Getting your head right:

Often the best way to improve your mental state is to start with doing something physical.  Doesn't have to be much - just start gently.  The endorphins and the sense of achievement are proven to bring about more positivity.


Fully understand this can be circumstantial. But often it is more about priorities.  

What is your health, your fitness and your longevity worth to you?  

Difficult to put figures on it (maybe I'll have a go sometime!) but you can be sure investing in your health now will reap a huge return in making you more effective, productive and improving your capacity in the immediate future, improving your quality of life for years to come and even reducing possible medical/health care costs at some point in time  

Looking at things this way, our reasons not to, become really powerful reasons to do.

Something that we might have felt guilty about allowing ourselves becomes an essential.



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