Why variety is a myth Part 2

DP / 17 April 2019


Had a few questions in response to my last email about variety, asking if the same applied to exercise?

Great question...but as usual in the world of health and wellbeing there's no black and white answer!

There are quite a few variables going on (which it's our job to figure out) but I'll outline the main considerations and pitfalls here

Firstly, it's really important you repeat exercises often enough to become good at them and master the techniques - for safety as much as anything

After that, some people respond better to sticking with an exercise programme for an extended period of time - maybe 12 sessions or so

Whilst others seem to benefit more from changing things around much more often - every 4-6 sessions

Sometimes people come to us who have been following the same programme for years and have completely stagnated

Then you have people at the opposite end of the scale and change too often and never repeat the same workout, who do something completely different every single time

There are 2 main problems with this approach:

  1. It's very difficult to gauge progress - how do you know if you are getting fitter or stronger?

  2. It's like the body gets “confused” and doesn't know how it is supposed to adapt...so it doesn't!

Our approach is different:

We take people through an initial phase which is all about learning and mastering the basic techniques required

This creates a strong foundation for success moving forward

Then it becomes about PLANNED PROGRESSION:

There will always be some change, extra rep, little extra weight, extra range of movement, different version of an exercise - it's unlikely you will ever repeat the exact same session

But overall the way your exercise plan evolves is tailored to you, your goals and how your body responses

This is why, with so many factors to contend with, if you want the best results with your health and wellbeing, it makes sense to work with a coach



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