Darren Putt

Founder, Motus Training

Get to know Darren

Age: 37

What quote do you live by?  
Everything popular is wrong

Tell us one thing about you that surprises people? 
I used to be considerably overweight!

What is your guilty pleasure?
I do love a good pork pie

Which 3 adjectives best describe yourself? 

Which 3 people, dead or alive, would you invite to a dinner party and why? 
Jocko Willink - he shares my taste in food (i.e. steak), would have some great war stories and is a unique, no-nonsense, get-stuff-done guy

Roger Federer - I'd like to find out how he makes something so gruelling look so elegant!

My Dad - he passed away 6 years ago, I miss him and wish he could see his grandchildren growing up

What inspired you to want to help people through their transformations?
Two things; first, a conversation with my late father. I was busy applying for all the standard graduate training programmes with banks and large corporates and he said to me “can you really see yourself following that path for the rest of your life?  Haven't you just spent 3 years (subtext: and my money!) studying exercise and health?”.  Having taken the hint, what I saw in the health and fitness industry wasn't working.This is when I knew we had to do things differently

Why are you proud to be a part of Motus? 
I'm proud to do something that matters and that has a lasting impact on people's lives, and those around them 

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