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Motus helps individuals and organisations to energise and transform their health and wellbeing for long term benefit.

The Motus Story

Having studied the health and fitness industry in standard settings like gyms and diet programmes, I quickly came to understand that most of the time they don't work; the gym environment is intimidating and not always conducive to regular exercise - it can be very one-dimensional.

Most "diets" are short-term measures that often do more harm than good to people's emotional relationship with food and themselves.

Both are founded on the assumption that people will fail: gyms couldn't cope if even a reasonable percentage of their membership exercised several times per week and most of the popular diet groups rely upon yo-yo dieters repeat business.

This culture - plus now the influence of the internet and social media - fuels people's idea of "health and fitness" being very narrow, usually relating it purely to weight and body shape, rather than overall wellbeing.

I soon knew I wanted to build something different - a business where health and fitness was embraced as a wider concept; as a catalyst for self improvement and transformation in all areas of life rather than an end point in itself.  

When I founded Motus Training, I started out by working with individuals and found myself empathising with their struggles over weight fluctuations, burnout and the demands of balancing work and home life, thanks to my own personal experiences. Many of our clients are successful business owners or senior figures in large companies who in the past have struggled to understand that health and wellbeing is not a sacrifice but an investment that can positively impact every area of their lives.

This is one of the reasons that over time our service has grown and evolved to encompass what we would now describe as "lifestyle coaching" rather than "personal training", "strength training" or "nutritional advice".  It's my belief that to separate out these different disciplines means losing their combined potential; together they are more than the sum of their parts.

Motus now represents a new paradigm in health/lifestyle coaching where as much (or more) focus is placed on the habits and routines which underpin how we live our lives and look after every aspect of our health.  We have also come to realise that providing information alone is not enough. We all have access to seemingly infinite amounts of information but what we require is the knowledge to filter what is relevant to us, strategies for how to actually apply this (which can vary significantly from person to person), and finally support in cementing these changes into something long-lasting.

These are some of the values and principles Motus lives by and we are now building a team of professionals to deliver our message and "Inspire Lifestyle Transformation".

We now also work with businesses to replicate this positive impact on a much greater scale and help them create a culture where health and wellbeing is a crucial part, harness everyone's potential, optimise performance and protect against the personal and organisational risks of stress, poor mental health and long-term health issues

Meet the founder

Darren Putt

Meet the Team

Our team of trusted fitness, nutrition and lifestyle professionals work together to motivate, support and empower our clients and inspire long lasting lifestyle transformation. We believe that healthy individuals are more effective and lead more fulfilling lives, while a healthy team creates a more productive and successful business.

Darren Putt

Founder, Motus Training

Meet Darren

Anna Ogilvie


Meet Anna

Andrew Manser

Lifestyle Coach

Meet Andrew

Sue Sharp

Associate Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

Meet Sue

Melanie Betts

Associate Physiotherapist

Meet Melanie

Charlotte Ward

Associate Physiotherapist

Meet Charlotte

Ellie Rook

Admin and Marketing

Meet Ellie

David Hellier

Leadership, Development and Transition Coach

(ICF ACC, MSc Coaching and Behavioural Change)

Meet David

Motus Your Way

In our personal training studio

“We understand that for many, gyms can be intimidating place and ironically this can mean they are often not conducive to a good exercise session. Training at our private studio is a totally different experience." - Darren Putt (Founder)

  • Just a few minutes from Stratford-upon-Avon in the peaceful Warwickshire countryside
  • Fully equipped for the ultimate personal training session
  • Designed to fit into your busy day, with showers, changing rooms and treatment rooms
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In your business or at home

"When running a growing business, managing a busy team or coping with a hectic life, you can't always spare the time to make it to a studio. Fear not, our team are mobile and can always come to you." - Darren Putt (Founder) 

  • Our mobile team can come to your offices, to make your day more efficient
  • Some people like us to turn their home into their own private personal training studio
  • Wherever you need to work on your transformation, our mobile and flexible team are here to help
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Why Online Lifestyle Coaching?

Combining the best people, with the best technology,
for the best results from anywhere in the world:


Connect with our team of fitness, nutrition and life professionals through web or mobile


We use online tools to allow you to engage with our team and manage your transformation remotely and around your day


Our data driven approach unlocks the true potential in individuals and organisations


We monitor individual and team progress, to challenge behaviours and attitudes to keep you on track


We use technology so you can access our team from anywhere in the world

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