David Hellier

Leadership, Development and Transition Coach

(ICF ACC, MSc Coaching and Behavioural Change)


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Mobile: 07867 416077

I am married and a father of three, grown-up, and wonderfully balanced human beings.  Family has always been the most important thing for me (followed by travel and  fitness/wellbeing). I am a people person, and whether with friends or in my professional life,  always have the time to listen.  

As my career has developed, I've led ever larger cross-national, cross-cultural teams. I've  learnt the importance of creating the right culture and of establishing true psychological  safety within the team, and the need for clarity of purpose and meaningful goal setting in  

order for the team to flourish. I've always been an active mentor, working with individuals  from various parts of the organisation and at different stages of their career. And then, as a  result of attending a ‘ready for coachable moments' course for managers, I started to  appreciate and explore the transformative power of true coaching. 

Since then, coaching has become something of a calling. I am a certified Erickson  International Solution Focussed Coach, am ICF ACC accredited and am in my dissertation  year as part of a master's degree in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business  School in the UK. 

Rapport and trust between my client and me is the cornerstone of the coaching alliance,  enabling us to work together in true partnership, with the right balance of challenge and  support. Whilst we will co-create an overall plan of focus areas, it is entirely for you, the  

client, to determine the goal for any session. How we work towards you achieving that goal  is also something we will determine together. I take an integrated approach to my coaching,  focussing on the whole person and their ecology. We may utilise elements of cognitive  behavioural, solution-focussed or acceptance and commitment coaching approaches  (amongst others) and explore any somatic aspect (mind/body connection) where  appropriate. If helpful I may also offer some psychoeducation along the way! 

I am, by nature, an optimist, constantly excited by the possibilities of life and the human  capacity to grow. What we now know from neuroscience over the last ten years or so, is  that the coaching process of the last twenty-five years is absolutely supported by the  science. With me, you will find someone who is passionate about coaching, and someone  who, after three decades in business, is now focussed on working with my clients to help  them create that self-awareness, unlock those insights and identify the concrete steps that  will truly lead to transformative behavioural change whether in a leadership, professional or  personal capacity.

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