Burnout is on the rise

AJM / 8 April 2022

Hi all, 

Mental Health and Mindset have become big talking points over the last couple of years

Yet so much of the so-called advice is wishy-washy - people paying lip service

Yes, “talking” can be helpful…but it's not enough

Don't get me wrong, it's not an easy thing to change

When we're stuck in a negative loop it can be hard to pull ourselves out of it

Especially when we are constantly surrounded by negativity from some of our friends, our family, on the TV, social media and in the news.

At Motus we're big on supporting businesses and people in our community to take ACTION and take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for both their physical and mental health

The events of the last 18 months have compounded the fact that Employee and executive burnout is on the rise in the UK

If businesses want to avoid key employees from burning out and being off work for

an extended period of time - or indefinitely - it's becoming more and more important

to put preventative measures in place to ensure this doesn't happen

Consider the business and financial implications of key people being out of the

business for a considerable period of time…

Consider the business and financial implications of the number of people in your

business who may not quite have reached the burn-out stage, but are operating

significantly below optimum on a day-to-day basis... 

Our approach is that physical and mental health need not be separated - they're one and the same, just part of “health”

The most effective way to improve mental health is by using our physiology:

movement, sleep, nutrition - even the effects of mindfulness and meditation have a

physiological component, all of which in turn can play a huge part in helping us

manage stress, maintain a positive mindset and ultimately perform at our best

manage stress and our mindset

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