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ER / 21 July 2022

M-Anon 5

Part 5

I can't quite believe I'm already towards the end of my 12 weeks.  As I mentioned in my last diary piece I've certainly not done the magazine cover worthy body transformation…but then this was never about that - nor was that promised. (But there was always a faint hope in the back of my mind!)

My main realisation over the last couple of weeks has been how everything is better when I exercise. Everything.  My energy, my mindset, my focus, my attitude, my mood, my productivity.  And that all happens pretty much instantly, before you even consider the health benefits that will accumulate over time.

It's hardly a revelation.  We all know this, we all say it, but I've really paid attention to it over the last couple of weeks and have been thinking about all the ways in which taking - sorry investing - the time into my health benefits me and other people around me.

I have one more diary entry to do in a couple of weeks but I can tell you one conclusion already: it's made me absolutely determined to look after myself better going forward, build exercise into my routine and generally lead a healthier lifestyle.  So in that sense I have certainly Restarted My Health! 

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