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OH / 6 May 2020
Hi all,

Those of you who were eagle-eyed may have noticed last week I hinted that we were working on some more FREE resources??? 

If so, you need to read on...

At the start of lockdown we delivered our Online 28 Day Lifestyle Boost Programme

And since then we've had emails and messages from people who were part of the group but 

Didn't have enough time
Weren't able to fully commit
Were adjusting to home schooling
Or weren't ready to focus on their health

We understand

It's been a crazy 6 weeks...has it been 6 weeks?  I lose track!

But more and more we're all starting to LOOK FORWARD

Get things BACK ON TRACK

So we've put together a 10 Day Course for you

Which contains all the best bits from the 28 Day Programme:
>Mindset Training Videos
>Mobility Workouts
>Strength Workouts
>Access to EXCLUSIVE Hints and Tips
PLUS A 121 Coaching session with a Motus Coach

This time it's all delivered via email, daily, straight to your INBOX

And it's FREE

If you saw my email last Friday, I did question whether FREE was the right thing to do 

But it's up to you at the end of the day:

If you know you're someone who won't commit when something's free

You can check out our Online Lifestyle Coaching Programme M12

But if you just need a little HELP and STRUCTURE to get started

Or you want to get a taste of what it's like to work with us

To experience

✅ More ENERGY 
✅ Less STRESS and a

Then SIGN UP for our FREE 10 DAY PROGRAMME here: https://motustraining.lpages.co/motus-online-10-day-programme/ 


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