Fat Darren

AJM / 8 April 2022

 Hi all,

The fitness industry (I'm ashamed to say) generally does a terrible job of relating to people

In fact I'd go as far to say that it puts people off

The very people we should be helping

  • Look on social media and you'll find:
  • Personal Trainers showing off their latest workout
  • “Look at me lifting 3000kg and I'm still smiling!”
  • “3rd workout of the day for me - I'm smashing it!”
  • People flashing their abs
  • Pictures of their chicken and broccoli prepared for the WHOLE YEAR
  • “Motivational” quotes that are...well, deeply un-motivational

Bouncing around the gym like Tigger the Tiger because they've had 4 expressos

All about them.

I'm sure it appeals to a few people (probably their colleagues mainly!)

But most people looking on are thinking:

“I could never do that”

There are exceptions, but quite often they will be people who have never struggled with their health, their weight, their motivation and their lifestyle

They look confused when someone says they don't like exercise, or can't stick to a routine, or comfort eats sometimes

They can't understand or truly empathise with people

And because of all of that, sometimes we get tarred with the same brush

People assume

They will say to us things like:

“It's OK for them”

“I bet you don't have to watch what you eat” 

Or “I bet you exercise everyday, don't you?”

So I'm going to let you in on a LITTLE SECRET

All of us here have had our own challenges with our health in the past - and often they're things we're still working on

(Evidence below ↓↓↓)



We may not know what struggles that person has behind closed doors

Maybe they've been overweight in the past?

Maybe they're not technically “overweight” but have body image issues

Perhaps they struggle with their mental health

Their confidence

For most people there's something that holds them back

And they need some support to help them move past it

So if you work with us, you'll get that SUPPORT and GUIDANCE

No guilt, no shame

And we'll be IN IT TOGETHER

Finally, if you want to see me in my...err...head on over here to see to our website: 


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