How much water should I be drinking?

OH / 2 August 2019

How much water should I drink?

Previously we've answered ‘can I drink too much water?' but in this weeks QotW we will look at how much we should be drinking and a few hints and tips to increase our water intake.

Depending on a person's diet as well as their environment, activity level, state of health and other unique biological factors, some people need to drink more than others while others need to drink less. If you're confused where to start with your water intake a good basis is for every kilogram of body weight, ingest 30-40 mL of water - so if you're 75kg that would be 2.2-3L.

BUT, if you are currently drinking a minimal amount then set yourself mini half litre targets to slowly increase your water intake. Aim for 1l per day for two weeks, then 1.5l per day for the following two weeks and so on...

We're actually over 50% water, so this means it is essential we get enough water throughout the day. On average if we're eating a healthy balanced diet, we'll get around 1L of water from our food.

TIPS to increase your water intake:
- Carry a water bottle around with you 
- Have a glass of water with every meal
- Don't like water? Add some squash, Lemon or Lime or even a Cold 
- Tea Infusion!
- Have a glass of water when you first wake up in the morning - our morning intake sets our thirst for the rest of the day

If you have any more questions about water intake or anything health and fitness related send us a message and we'll answer them in a future QotW 

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