How to cut through the confusion around health and wellbeing

DP / 10 August 2021


Back in the day the number one way we used to seek out information on something we weren't sure about, or on skills we wanted to acquire, was by speaking to or even going to see (remember when we did that?!) an EXPERT


Now we can get all the information we could ever possibly need within seconds

  • Google 

  • Facebook

  • Twitter 

  • Instagram 

  • Books 

  • Magazines 

  • Advertising




All proclaiming to have the best solution to getting fit, losing weight, eternal life…


You only have to take a look at the “debates” on Facebook to find hundreds of self-proclaimed experts giving out their opinions and advice


People having arguments about what's “right” and “wrong”




But who are all these people giving advice anyway?


What do they know really?


Other than what might (or might not) have worked for them?


Even if they have made an impressive transformation themselves recently, have they made it stick in the long-term?


Do they have any other credentials?


Who else have they helped on their health and fitness journeys…


So then we turn to Google and the conflicting advice on different exercises, foods, diets, supplements can easily become completely overwhelming


Too many questions and not enough answers


Is it any surprise DOUBT creeps in?


Is it any surprise that we're CONFUSED about health and fitness?


With so much doubt and confusion it can be really difficult to know where to start


One of our missions at Motus is to help you cut through all of this and find out what really works FOR YOU


As opposed to what might have possibly, sort of worked for a few days for someone you don't really know on Facebook!

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