I dont have time to work on my health

AJM / 8 April 2022

Hi all,

One of the assumptions and beliefs that holds people back from working on their health is that if you're busy and successful you can't possibly have time for your health and fitness - you'll be far too busy managing your empire and going about all the “important stuff” (some of which is probably not that important!)

The result?

  • Poor health
  • Weight gain
  • Neglected partners
  • Neglected children

I've fallen into this trap too...

When it comes down to it, nothing is more important than our health

Keep putting it off and you're storing up more problems for the future

More than that, by operating with the assumption that you don't have time, you're missing out on a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY:

  • Working on your health and fitness will:
  • SAVE you time
  • Give you MORE ENERGY
  • Help you THINK more CLEARLY
  • Make you feel MORE CONFIDENT
  • Lift your MOOD

I could go on and on…

How would those things also make you a better partner and parent?

Bottom line?  It will make you perform better in every area of life

However, deciding to do something about it is one thing, actually making it happen is another...that's where we come in!

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