Is there ever a right time?

DP / 10 August 2021

If you've ever said “I haven't got the time” to work on my health and fitness (but you do actually want to), I'd ask you to consider for a moment if that's really true…???


Or perhaps you've said something like “I'll do it after….” or “I just need to get X out of the way first...”, “it's just not the right time at the moment”


...and then it's never happened?


Let's be honest: we've probably all done this at least once


If that sounds familiar, how long are you prepared for that to continue?


  • How much more weight are you going to put on?

  • How much tighter are you going to allow your clothes to be?

  • How many more days are you prepared to wake up and not have the ENERGY you want?

  • How many more days are you prepared to be grumpy with your partner or your kids?

  • How many more times are you going to change your mind about what to wear because you don't feel CONFIDENT enough?

  • How much more unfit are you prepared to become?

  • How many more aches and pains are you going to TOLERATE?

  • How much more do you want to increase your risk of getting seriously ill?

  • How much more are you going to let your MINDSET and MENTAL HEALTH deteriorate?


In reality we all have the same number of minutes in a day and days in week - it's our CHOICE how we spend our time 


I'm not saying it's easy to make a change - not for one minute


If it was, everyone would be fit, healthy and in great shape wouldn't they?


So is there ever a “right time”.  YES.  


It's NOW.

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