Like Rome, new bodies are not built in a day

DP / 10 August 2021

In my email yesterday we talked about how starting a new regime can be painful: physically and mentally

A mistake many people make is they go out too hard

Too extreme

Which can mean they're doomed to failure from the start

Yes, making progress and changing habits can be uncomfortable

But there are ways to make it simple, manageable, simple and ultimately much more effective

Like Rome, new body's and new lifestyles are not built in a day

The really valuable, LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS are experienced over a longer period of time

And the way to do it is: 



✅ With mechanisms of SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY built-in

You can get a flavour of how this works on RESTART YOUR HEALTH, our 12-week coaching programme

Which serves as an introduction to M12 - our flagship coaching programme - where our clients are working towards creating the Healthiest Version of themselves over 12months)

So if you've had enough of yo-yoing

Of Inconsistency

We'd love for you to join us and discover how things CAN be different

Apply now: https://motustraining.lpages.co/restart-your-health/ 

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