DP / 24 August 2021

Do you ever not have the motivation to exercise?

It's going to be hard
It's going to hurt
I'm tired
I've got so many other things to do
I'll do it tomorrow...

Me too.

In fact, I'll admit I don't really like training at all

And the truth is it's always been a means to and end for me

Because what I do like are the results:
 - How it makes me FEEL afterwards
 - How it changes my body and 
 - the BENEFITS it gives me in terms of my physical and mental health

Many of our clients are exactly the same and struggle for motivation sometimes

Just yesterday a client said to me that “if it wasn't for the sessions with me, I (he) wouldn't exercise at all”

We all know that we MUST prioritise our health and fitness (especially at the moment)

But KNOWING all this and DOING something about it are two different things

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