Mrs Anon - When other people notice

ER / 14 July 2022

When other people notice...

What other people think doesn't matter but when they notice a difference it really does mean the world.

I am the worlds worst person at accepting a compliment.

Here are some examples:

Things people have said to me this week...

“Have you lost weight?”

“You look different”

“That dress really suits you”

“I wish I had arms like you”

How I answer....

“Yes, only/just a kilo though nothing amazing.”

“Ah,  I must have remembered to brush my hair this morning!”

“This old thing?”

“A dismissive shrug....”

But, I am noticing differences.....I feel better in myself, I am choosing different clothes from my wardrobe that haven't seen the light of day for well….too long. 

And now other people are noticing...it must be real.

Next time I receive a compliment I will try to say "thank you, actually I have been taking better care of myself lately and I am pleased it shows"

(Well maybe I will just start with the "thank you" and leave it at that).

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